There is a “WINNING ATTITUDE” to negotiate winner. In my coaching lesson, I have often repeated and repeated the words “attitude” for my students whenever possible. I think we all know that employers today are focused on three key elements A.S.K (Attitude – Skills – Knowledge) to find suitable candidates and the most talented. Today, I want to share with you some information I’ve concluded after many years of negotiations, foreign affairs which I think would be a part help you to win a negotiation:

  • First of all, you have to remember that the foundation of the good attitude that is “CONFIDENCE” in your products and services, besides you have to be self-confident. The thing you said and presented with a confident attitude to people, will create certain trust for your partner. And of course, the confidence I have mentioned here on the basis you have to equip yourself with sufficient information, the most accurate data for the negotiations. You can not win with the confidence without bases and facilities.
  • Next, "DRESS AND CONDUCT" tactful as possible. Dress is a tactful way to express politeness and respect you to the opposite and is proof that you are a person with a good attitude!(Remember courtesy I mentioned here is neat and tidy in dress and behavior of you. Do not think when we dressed expensive is courteous. It was a thought wrong

  • After that, in a conversation, "LISTENING" is a key, showing that you are listening by all your body language, show them your ideas and note carefully (if necessary). . I totally agree with a great teacher - MrSchiffman - one of the top sales trainers in the United States has the same idea with me. "Negotiation is a conversation between two sides. Remember that you can't negotiate with yourself. So, you have to let your opponent see that you are listening to them, despite the fact that you don't agree with what they are saying.
  • Finally, let truly to care about "body language", as well as the enemy's speech. It will provide useful suggestions for you so you can arrange the next steps in the negotiations in the direction of the best. Hope the tactics above will bring more advantages for you in these negotiations to succeed in your career!

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