Working as a manager for many years in many departments and recruit a thousand profiles for different positions, I realized that, “GOOD” is not the only main core, there is one more element to choose a potential employee, it is ATTITUDE. This is a general point of nowaday senior employer, because compare on the labor market, we easily find out a lot of personnel with similar capabilities, but to find out a person who is devoted and responsible for work, is not easy.

Between a employee who is good but not devoted(A) with a employee who is devoted but not too good(B), who is the person employer should choose? Unless the person (A) is very good, excellent, can solve problems in the company, I prefer to choose the person (B), because once we love the job, we devote for it, looking forward to achieving the highest result, about the individual ability, we can improve it day-by-day. That is the reason why, many employees have a very good capacity but after practical period, they get “you are not suitable for this job” from their employer. In many reasons why you are not suitable for the job, they found out you were not really devoted for the job.

- Back to the young in nowaday, how to be determined for the job is the big question, the first step is always the hardest. If you don’t have enough determination and perseverance, you will always be excluded.

- You have to determine the goal before doing something that is the “anchor”, no matter how hard and frustrated, you will keep on doing it and finish well the job. The value for the goal should be big enough to offset for your efforts, helps yourself don’t hesitate to invest more time and gray matter for the job.

- You have to equip the “ready-to-go” attitude to deal with the challenge and see it as a chance to discover your capacity as well as learn more about the job you are doing. This is the basis for us to collect the working experience and get better each day.

- Don’t afraid of failure, don’t despair when failed doing something, the important thing is the lesson you can learn from it and don’t allow yourself making the same mistake. Don’t doubt yourself and refuse the opportunity to learn and upgrade yourself.

You know how to work effectively, you will see yourself gets better each day, then, makes you more interested in your job. One of many ways for you to do it, is learning experience and putting yourself in a successful person’s thinking, to have optimal solutions, arrange job logically and make a plan to do it perfectly.

Finally, remember this: “Try the best and wholeheartedly for what you are doing, the result will come to you in one way or another.

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