M Y  B O S S !

"The writing is from the view of a young employee about me and working environment which he was following. I rarely mention about others cognizance about me, even though those are compliments. But this writing related to my desire and my aim about a professional working environment wherever I work for or cooperate in. This employee shared a lot of things which I want to transmit to young people these days"

“You want to work in a professional working environment? So, how can you define the word “professional?”
"But I have to tell you, my company does not professional at all”

What would do you if this is the first thing your boss tell you in your interview day?
- He showed us that, our working environment was not professionally, each of employees makes it happen. When you tell him that you good at some aspects, he will let you know that what you said is not enough, so that you have to keep upgrading day-by-day.

He never limits your creation, he recommends each person show their value, so that make you can see this company is also built by your hand too, and of course, commission is increase with your value.

- When we have a new project, a new aspect that we don’t know about it clearly, he gives us the frame and let we complete it, even though it success or fail, we always gain ourselves some experience – “I need you guys to upgrade yourself faster”.

Because we are brand new staffs, so that he sets himself in 3 roles: A leader – a teacher – a friend. And to have a professional group of employees that is a process which both staffs and the leader must be effort and do the best to complete it. He always improved us, we spend our time for our company, for ourselves, and he spends his time for us.
He made us know that, we should give solutions, not keep following the guidance.
He made us know that we should give him solutions for problems instead of the reason.
He let us realize that, our potential is higher than what we thought about ourselves if we know what to do.
He give us a new notion: “professional is a verb”.
He always makes incredible things happen when we think it impossible.
"He is my leader – Mr. Nguyễn Lê Hải Đăng"

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