Before catching the employee’s fault, we look back a little bit, what mistake do we - the mangers often make? When the bosses know and fix their fault, it greatly impacts to the employee’s attitude. The employee will be more awareness, seriousness and more respect their boss.

Nobody is perfect, also the boss. Some mistake they knew, some mistake they didn’t mean to make it. When talk about somebody’s fault, I don’t judge in one-sided direction, I judge by the things I have seen, have faced and I’ve gone through as a business manager.

From there, I will show 5 mistakes the manager often makes, such as:

  • Boss says it for fun

This is a typical mistake of many managers, I contact with many employees say that their boss always says for fun. Their boss promised many things but wouldn’t made many real. That is very dangerous, because when the boss breaks his/her promise, it will form a bad thought in the mind of their employee. Since then, the words of the boss to the staffs will lose the strength and create a “don’t care” mindset in the employees, that manager is also lose him/her affection.
" Boss do not have to make many promise, but when promise, make it happen. If it’s an appropriate and reasonable request, we can promise to increase motivation to them".

  • Boss too focus on working and forget the personnel’s development

The managers of Start-Up company and SME’s company, often or “have to” make this mistake. They hire employee just to work to develop the company, but the employee’s development, they don’t care about it. Obviously, we still pay for the employees but those elements can be replaced in anytime, it might come from the rival company or the lackness on the business market, many enterprises are really to pay much higher to own the potential one to work for them. For a well-defined personnel, a working environment without development will make them frustrated.
Clearly, to the small and medium companies, focus on the revenue is the top priority. Develop personnel is no needed or not yet needed, boss is also don’t have time to care for every personnel. I really agree with you, I also run an enterprise and focus on the revenue, too.  However, I ask and find an answer for my own: “I’m a boss, run this company is very busy, I don’t have time to develop my staffs, as long as my work is good.” And the question: “So when I “less” busy to have some time to worry about this problem, which is I’m tired of, when the personnel go, spend money and time to find a new personnel and face the new problem?
 After working time, to achieve goals as well as profit for the company, you must take time to focus on developing your personnel. Remember, the staffs are improved, so is the enterprise”.

  • Never admit he/she was wrong!

Cao Cao once said: “know and fix the wrong but never admit it.” May be admitting a fault in front of your when you’re a leader will effects your image badly, but if you are too arbitrary, it’s also not good. No one is completely rights, so if your staff tell you that you are wrong, listen carefully and adjust for your final goal. That is the leader’s bravery.

  • Lack of plainness in work

It’s easy to understand why employees who work effectively and responsible in work can get more favours from their employer. But leaders usually make other employees misunderstand about their favours. The favours come from many aspects, such as work density, the rights and also the jurisdiction. However, you don’t explain to other employees clearly, no reward process, no reviewing and no notification, it will lead you to bad situation, and inadvertently make the personnel feel separated, not satisfied with each other for no reason.
You should make a conversation together with all your staffs to understand each other well. So that, your reputation in the group will be strengthened.

  •  Manage personnel in the “brother/sister” motif

This is a very dangerous mistake. I give this advice to the manager who is having problem with the staffs. The enterprise must be, should be a team, united, especially small and medium enterprises. We have to be united as a second home so that we can go further. And this home must be disciplined, has rules, has clear working procedures. You can be nice to your staffs but don’t let them misunderstand about their responsibility and working process is the prerequisite. Working must has rules, don’t let them do whatever they want, pass deadline or don’t respect the general rules. Even the creation, entertainment companies has deadline as well. So that, we have to be serious with the rules in order to develop in the right way.
Being a boss, you have to be strict with the company’s rules. You shouldn’t ignore delays or faults because of your “brother/sister”. Run the company with that motif, neither themselves nor the company can develop.

I hope that 5 things I shared can help you find out your own solution for your human problem in your company. Run a company is a very difficult job, we have to be firmed and try the best to drive your enterprise to achieve goals. I want to listen to your sharing as well, about your working experience, the suffer as well as your success for us to learn from it.

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