Working for many different aspects with different positions, especially be a Trainer for many years, I have got through experiences and gained myself more achievements. From the beginning, when I started to do bussiness, I always ask myself three questions:

“What is my aim? How to achieve it? What is my final destination?”

“A Perfect Trainer”

- Getting through many harsh days, I found out the answer for all of my suspicion. I realized that, people have many defects and a Trainer is also the same. But the most important thing is we must accept our defects, try to improve them to reach the standard of a Perfect Trainer

- That was a long – term effort. At work,all the time, I always remind myself that I must become a Training Manager and Consultant deserve to its value. That means I have to keep developing and improving my defects to be a “perfect” Trainer.

“Responsibility” – The key of “Perfection”
- It’s the perfection of awareness of responsibility: Respond for each word, behaviour and duties. Good awareness about responsibility of work is the best catalysts for us to completely develop ourself.

- It’s the perfection of professional knowledge: I know that life is a process of experienece, learning, concluding and acquirements. As a Training Manager, self-learning professional knowledge and experiencing reality has important role. That is a value measurement.

“A perfect Trainer and Consultant is the harmonization between awareness of responsibility and advanced skill”

- This is two standards I am not only set for myself but also for the others in my training process at any corporation, that is the main demand of training and consultant program to create a source of human strong enough to compete with any source of human in the world.

"Ourself of tomorrow must be better”
- Dang Nguyen -

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